High quality stereo amplifiers for the very best details in music reproduction. Wide choice from such brands as Denon, Marantz or Yamaha.

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TAGA TA-400MIC stereo amplifier with Mic input

The TA-400MIC is an efficient, cost-effective choice for home hi-fi systems and commercial installations in restaurants, pubs, shops, conferencing rooms, fitness clubs for both background music, voice playback or karaoke systems.

190 €
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Taga HTR-1000CD Hybrid Tube Player

CD Player, Bluetooth, USB, FM radio. Analog RCA input. Power Output: 2 x 75W RMS 4ohm, Class A/B Vacuum Tubes: 2 x 12AX7B

329 €
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TAGA Harmony HTA-800 hybrid amplifier

HTA-800 is a 50W / 8ohm high-fidelity but still affordable hybrid integrated amplifier utilizing two 6N3 tubes in the preamp section and four Toshiba transistors at the output

499 €
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Denon PMA-50 amplifier with DAC

Very compact Denon digital stereo amplifier with Bluetooth and USB-DAC, optical and coaxial inputs. Worldwide delivery

500 €
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Denon HEOS AMP HS2 network amplifier

HEOS AMP - wireless network amplifier. Integrated Bluetooth and Hi-res music playback. Worldwide delivery

579 €
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