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ELAC is a german manufacturer, making award-winning speakers for entry level music lovers to real audiophiles. 

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Elac SUB 2030 subwoofer

350W max power Colors: black or white matt. Manufactorer site Available by order

629 €
In Stock
Elac Uni-Fi BS U5 Slim bookshelf speakers

3-way bookshelf speakers, designed by legendary Andrew Jones. Price per pair. Shipping to EU. Available by order.

699 €
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ELAC Element EA101EQ-G amplifier with DSP

The Element Series EA101EQ-G Integrated Amplifier solves two of the biggest problems with two-channel audio: proper blending of a subwoofer with your main speakers and room correction. Shipping worldwide Manufacturer site

699 €
In Stock
Elac SUB 2050 subwoofer

500W max power Colors: black or white high gloss. Manufacturer site Available by order.

1 199 €