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Focal PR5 RCA cable

High quality RCA cable. Perfect match for Performance series systems. Lenght: 5m  Worldwide delivery

Focal EY 05 RCA kabelis

Aukštos kokybės RCA kabelis stiprintuvams Elite serijos sistemoms. 2 x RCA Female > 4 x RCA male. 2 x 0.5m ilgio kabeliai

Focal PS 15 speaker cable

High-performance flat cables for speakers. Roll of 12m x 1.5mm2 “flat” (15AWG x 39Ft) Insulator: “Flexible PVC Soft Touch”. CCA conductor. The perfect technical complement for Performance installations. Worldwide delivery

Focal B.A.M BR sealing material

Divisible seal made of Butyl Permits to soundproof all parts with leak risks (door, bass enclosure, ...). Can be stuck on any surface. Fix any object on any type of support Lenght: 4.5m

Focal PK 21 cable set

High quality car amplifier cable set. Perfect match to Performance series systems. Power cable: 4.90m x 21mm2 (4 AWG) Fuse box with 80Afuse Ground cable: 1m Remote cable: 5m RCA cable: 5m Speaker cable: 10m Worlwide delivery

Focal Auditor RSE-130 component speakers

Nominal power: 50W RMS Maximum power: 100W Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 90 dB Frequency response: 65 Hz - 21 kHz Cone type: Polypropylene Surround type: Butyl Nom. impedance: 4Ω DC resistance: 3.3Ω VC diameter: 25 mm

Focal Auditor RSB-250 subwoofer

Nominal power: 250W RMS Maximum power: 500W Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 88 dB Cone type: Polypropylene Surround type: Butyl Nom. impedance: 4Ω + 4Ω DC resistance: 3.2Ω + 3.2Ω VC diameter: 50 mm