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Focal PR5 RCA cable

High quality RCA cable. Perfect match for Performance series systems. Lenght: 5m  Worldwide delivery

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Focal EY 05 RCA kabelis

Aukštos kokybės RCA kabelis stiprintuvams Elite serijos sistemoms. 2 x RCA Female > 4 x RCA male. 2 x 0.5m ilgio kabeliai

19 €
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Focal PS 15 speaker cable

High-performance flat cables for speakers. Roll of 12m x 1.5mm2 “flat” (15AWG x 39Ft) Insulator: “Flexible PVC Soft Touch”. CCA conductor. The perfect technical complement for Performance installations. Worldwide delivery

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Focal PK 21 cable set

High quality car amplifier cable set. Perfect match to Performance series systems. Power cable: 4.90m x 21mm2 (4 AWG) Fuse box with 80Afuse Ground cable: 1m Remote cable: 5m RCA cable: 5m Speaker cable: 10m Worlwide delivery

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