Melodika Purple Rain Bi-Wire speaker cable



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Low-frequency section: 2x4mm2 (170x0,15mm and 1x1,10mm)
Midrange/tweeter section 2x1,5mm2 (78x0,15mm)
Bi-wiring cable advanced construction, (bi-amp) 
Two different guides constructions for low frequency and tweeter section.
BassCore Technology: unique cable construction, distinguishing between cores to low and high-mid tones
Geometry: conductors twisted with each other in order to reduce their interference
Dielectric: Perfect cable for concealed wiring (unique external shielding made from modified PCV with higher resistance, thanks to that cable can be laid under plaster or concrete without any concern of damaging it).
Wires resistance: (DC in 20°C): 4,37 Ohm/100m or less
Isolation resistance: >=1 G Ohm/km
Voltage test 1kV

Research has shown that low frequencies run faster inside the guide, and the higher frequency signals on the surface of the guide. Thanks to BassCore technology - special bass conductor 1.10mm dedicated for low frequencies  - we can obtain more balanced, dynamic and deep sound with controled more precise bass. Additionaly conductors twisted with each other eliminates their interferences, thanks to that sound is more detailed and lucid - thanks to that geometry we can also put speaker cable near the power cables without risk of sound degradation.