TAGA Harmony TUD-20 USB-B cable for DAC


24 €

Lenght: 1,5m

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Because music signals are continuous streams of data, in case of any disruption or errors during transmission through a USB cable there is no chance to replace any missing part of the audio signal. It is crucial to use a high grade USB cable that preserves more information and significantly improves sound quality.

TAGA Harmony high-performance USB cables are capable of minimizing transmission errors and frequency-related phase shift, what dramatically improves the sound which is more clear, natural, tight and powerful.

The TUD cables are built of 22 AWG and 24 AWG 99.99% oxygen free copper conductors and ended with gold-plated connectors to provide the best signal transfer. To lower noises and interferences the TUD cables are shielded with Nylon and PVC jackets with aluminum-magnesium braid shielding and PVC/HDPE insulation for conductors.

0.6mm [22AWG] + 0.5mm [24AWG],

Terminated with Gold-Plated connectors

Ultra-high purity 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper conductors

24 AWG conductor: HDPE – Ultra low-loss, low capacitance

high-density polyethylene dielectric insulation

22 AWG conductors: PVC

 Aluminum-magnesium braid shielding

PVC and Nylon outer jacket