Jamo I/O 6.52DVCA2 in-ceiling speaker


99 €

Jamo I/O 6.52DVCA2 stereo in-ceiling speaker for indoor/outdoor use.

Paintable magnetic grilles.

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The I/O 6.52DVA2 features advanced technology, such as the dual voice coil design (DVC). DVC delivers two-channel sound from a single speaker, provided by two quality dome tweeters (the left and right channels are divided between the two). The DVC design is a valuable feature in many everyday situations. For example, when conventional speakers are placed along a hallway, the stereo experience will shift as you move between the right and left speaker. Fitting a pair of I/O 6.52DVCA2 speakers will eliminate this effect, as you have both left and right channel coming from just one speaker.

The Jamo I/O 6.52DVCA2 in-ceiling loudspeaker is packed with other high-performance features:

  • Pivoting domes that can be directed to the room's sweet spot

  • A paintable frame and grille to blend invisibly in any room

  • Dual voice coil for true stereo sound from a single speaker

The I/O 6.52DVCA2 is an excellent, value-priced in-ceiling sound solution.

Data sheet

Frequency response65 - 22.000 Hz
Sensitivity89 dB
WidthMontavimo diametras: 19,8cm
DepthMontavimo gylis: 8,7cm