Melodika Purple Rain RCA Phono cable


36 €

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2xRCA Phono cable with grounding cable
Reliably and precise made wire
23AWG Gauge
Conductor resistance <= 71 Ohm/Km
Shielding resistance <=13,5 Ohm/Km
Effective capacitance core / shielding <=65pF
Shield made in the form of braided mesh 160 x 0,1mm
Wire resistances: UV, salt water, ozone, alcohol, excellent durability in room temperature or lower, high mechanical energy absorption, good abrasion resistance.


Conductor material:OFC: 99.99%
Cable thickness:7,0mm
Isolation:PE, coating PVC
Pros:quality/price ratio, look, construction, stereophony, treble,
Cons:thin bass
OTHERS:Reliably and precise made wire
Warranty:5 years