Focal Expert PC 130F bendraašiai garsiakalbiai

Expert serija


189 €

Aukštos kokybės 130mm bendraašė garsiakalbių sistema. Puikus pasirinkimas naudoti su Flax kūgio komponentiniais garsiakalbiais.

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Flax cones produce a natural, very dynamic sound without colouration. Composed of a layer of flax sandwiched between two thin layers of glass fibres, these cones combine lightness, rigidity and damping, ensuring optimal acoustics.

Mounted to a reinforced and lower frame, the tweeter is a specific optimised version of the TNF model used for the other component kits in the range. It is equipped with an aluminium/magnesium inverted dome with Poron suspension to guarantee smooth and precise treble with perfect definition.

In order to save space and to make installation easier, the passive crossover is integrated into the basket, whose design was actually based on that of the woofers of the 2-way Flax component kits in order to maintain a visual identity in the front and the rear. The shape of this aluminium basket has also been optimised to improve voice coil cooling.


Galingumas60W RMS / 120W MAX
Dažnių juosta75 - 28'000 Hz
Jautrumas90.5 dB (2.83V/1m)
Varža4 ohm