Sonus Faber Venere Center

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700 €

Prabangi Itališka Sonus Faber centrinė garso kolonėlė.

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Technical features

Recalling the Lyre shape and at the same time offering a solution that ensures no internal parallel surfaces, the cabinet is characterised by its curved walls which eliminate internal resonances; the 29mm tweeter with its silk dome is produced by DKM, a German leader in driver production, and guarantees the dispersion of sound, providing a natural timbre yet capable of very detailed performance. The front section of Center also holds 2 active mid-woofers with Curv™ cones and a baffle set apart by its curved lines which produce a decidedly live sound and perfect integration between the driver and the cabinet; the baffle is also characterised by its two front reflex conducts, a solution which permits easy placement in the listening environment. Easy to use, Center can be immediately identified as a member of the Venere family thanks to its sophisticated, Lyre inspired, design. The wooden base allows for fine tuning of its inclination, so that the cabinet can be positioned according your specific needs.


Galingumas30 - 150W
Dažnių juosta60 - 25'000 Hz
Jautrumas89 dB
Varža6 ohm
Aukštis22,2 cm
Svoris9,5 kg