TAGA Harmony Platinum-18-16C kolonėlių kabelis su banainiais antgaliais


130 €

Aukštos kokybės gryno bedeguonio vario pintas kolonėlių kabelis su bananinio tipo antgaliais. 

16 gyslų po 1,2mm2.

Nurodyta komplekto kaina.

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The Platinum speaker cable is designed for use in high-end hi-fi and home theatre systems.

Its braided construction has no surface or center and frequency-related phase shift is effectively canceled. Different frequencies signals are distributed through different paths so the internal disruptions are greatly reduced as well as losses in high registers are limited.

The sound is very transparent and natural in higher and mid frequencies as well as dynamic and extended in a bass section.

"The Platinum-18 provides a definitely good (at that price level) sound. Above all, the sound transmission is physiologically clean and natural in its high and medium ranges. 

Moreover, as it seems, that well-designed architecture delivers dynamic and extended bass.

It can be described that the overall sound experience is more than well composed and artistically presented.

It is the natural and quite analytical sound which is harmonious and musical. Actually unbelievably good considering the current price…

The ratio of  workmanship to sound quality is very good, and tested cables deserve a high score and applause for their reasonably calculated price."

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