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TAGA Harmony Platinum B-40SE apžvalga

TAGA Harmony Platinum B-40SE apžvalga

Vokietijos leidinio "HiFi Test" apžvalga. Verdiktas - TOP CLASS!

Vokietijos lendinys "HiFi Test" ištestavo TAGA Harmony Platinum B-40SE garso kolonėles ir skyrė aukščiausią įvertinimą - PREISTIPP (TOP CLASS)!


Ieškantiems elegantiškų garso kolonėlių su aukščiausios kokybės apdaila ir geriausiu garsu bei nenorintiems išleisti didelės sumos pinigų - Platinum B-40 SE v.2 neišvengiamai galutinis sprendimas. Šios kolonėlės yra tai, ko kiekviena HiFi širdis nusipelnė, o kainos kategorija yra žemiau magiškos 1000 eurų ribos už porą!

Žemiau pateikta pilna apžvalga anglų kalba.

Sound performance

“…Free in the room, with plenty of air to the limiting wall surfaces, the sound is getting off from the loudspeakers in a great way. The speakers are placed 2.5 meters from the listener. That presents itself as an ideal to be able to reproduce  singers and instruments plastically in the listening room. The sonorous voice of Chris Jones, supported by deep basses and sparkling guitars, fills the room and triggers a spontaneous enthusiasm. "Set 'em up, Joe" is an ideal sound test, because it is a difficult task for the speakers. The compact speakers mastered the test track with bravura. A warm timbre voice of Cassandra Wilson makes you get a goose bump one after the other. Her voice is wonderfully placed in the listening room, so we can listen to the much-heard test track for a second time. Since it is right here, we feed the CD player with the Dali test CD 4. Taga B-40 SE v.2 did not stumble over contradicting titles such as "Did Trouble Me" by Tom Jones, "Earth Drums" by He Xun-Tian and "Deeply Disturbed "by Infected Mushroom. They are playing freely and confidently through the test material, which has the great class. Finally, we treated ourselves to a classical "Brothers in Arms" from Dire Straits. The spatial presentation is outstanding, the voices and instruments are placed precisely in the space. All in all, the performance of the small Taga is outstanding and the B-40 SE v.2 can boast of being the best speaker in the TOP CLASS (stereo loudspeaker, compact class) at the moment."


“Those who are looking for a pair of elegant speakers with high quality workmanship and the best sound, and do not want to spend a fortune, the Platinum B-40 SE v.2 from Taga is inevitably what they will end up with. Here is what the Hi-Fi heart desires and the price remains below the magical 1000 Euro level - per pair, mind you!”

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