BMW Focal IFBMW-C bendraašiai garsiakalbiai


289 €

Bendraašiai garsiakalbiai, skirti šiems BMW modeliams montuoti galinėse duryse:

  • BMW 1 Serie (E81/82/87/88/F20*)
  • BMW 3 Serie (E90/91/F30/F31*/F34)
  • BMW 5 Serie (F10*)
  • BMW X1 (E84)

* Reikalinga modifikuoti kabelius norint montuoti šiuose modeliuose.

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Designed and Made in France, the IFBMW-C is a 4’’ 2-way coaxial speaker for cars which only have speakers in the doors.

This is a simple, efficient and quick way to transform the OEM system. The sound from original simple wideband loudspeakers doesn’t even compare with the quality of the sound achieved thanks to the precise treble with wide dispersion and the aerated midrange.

  • 100% plug and play (original connectors)
  • Quick installation
  • Compatibility and improvement of the original acoustics at the front or the rear
  • Significant results even without changing the OEM system
  • Scalability in case of amplification or replacement of the head unit
  • Complete pack (tools and clips supplied)


Galingumas40W RMS
Dažnių juosta85 - 22'000 Hz
Jautrumas90.5 dB
Varža4 ohm