Toyota Focal IC 690 TOY bendraašiai garsiakalbiai


129 €

Bendraašiai garsiakalbiai, skirti šiems Toyota modeliams, montuojami gale:

  • Prius
  • Camry
  • Tacoma
  • Tundra
  • Alphard
  • FJ Cruiser

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IC 690TOY is a two-way coaxial kit with elliptical speaker drivers suited for the front or rear factory locations in Toyota® vehicles. The IC 690TOY has been designed respecting the factory acoustic of the brand’s vehicles and allows thus to benefit from an optimal musicality in a few steps only. Forget the factory sound of your car, discover the neutral and precise Focal sound on the road and 100% « Plug & Play ».

  • Easy installation
  • Respect of the original Toyota® connectors
  • Better precision in high frequencies
  • Compact tweeter for better adaptation in factory location
  • High-density rubber ring for acoustic sealing with the door panel


Galingumas75W RMS
Dažnių juosta50 - 20'000 Hz
Jautrumas92 dB
Varža4 ohm