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Pylon Diamond Monitor review (

Pylon Diamond Monitor review (

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"(...) This set is characterized by a very high quality – starting from the enclosure and finishing with the speakers that have been used in this construction. What we have to emphasize is in particular the finishing with the varnish, because Pylon Audio did an incredibly good job in this field. (...)"
"(...) Although the terminal is not so richly equipped, it is of a very high quality. (...)"
"(...) The attached stand, which can also be called a “foot”, is perfectly matched to the design of the loudspeaker set. (...)"
"(...) You can perfectly, on a daily basis, use the stand also for storing CD’s. (...) "
"(...) The sound of Pylon Audio Diamond Monitor is fairly balanced, and the midrange tweeter is presented in a great details, with a smooth and free but never overdone presentation. Generally speaking, the loudspeakers have a harmonious sound model that has neutral playing without its own color scheme. (...) "
"(...)Currently, a set of Diamond Monitor (2 pieces) is priced at around 850 EURO in the standard finishing and it is available in the Pylon Audio online shop. Having in mind the quality of the enclosure and the characteristics of the sound – it is a very good offer. (...)"

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